Frames to capture your child's journey forever.

Years ago, our Mum was given two wooden school photograph frames, as a gift from our Aunt in America. Hung on our bedroom walls, each year Mum filled the frames with our annual school photographs. From young and cute, to ‘interesting’ teenage hairdos, through to eighteen year olds flying the nest. The frames tell a story of our childhood and they still make us all smile today.


When we had children of our own, we were amazed to find that we couldn’t buy one of these frames in the UK. We knew how special this collection of photos was to our mum and to us, and we were keen to pass this tradition onto our own children.

We have designed two beautiful frames to capture your child's journey. The 'Childhood Years' frame displays a special photograph each year from birth to 18 years old. The 'School Years' frame captures the journey of your child’s school years from Reception to Year 13. We hope that one of our frames might capture the precious journey of a special child in your life.


Heather and Jane